Varied Toilet Training Seats and Potties for Babies And Toddlers


Cute Accessories For Potty Training That Will Make Your Child Want To Use The Toilet!

The time for diapers has passed, but your child doesn't seem to realize that. Make potty training fun with these cute and helpful toilet accessories for small tushies. 

Age Range - One to Five Years

Age Group - Babies, Toddlers

Several Options For Toilet Training: 

1) Adjustable Ladder Seat Addition - Your child will fit in this seat without falling into the toilet, and they'll be able to get up to it easily without help or a step stool using this attached adjustable ladder. Comes in Light Pink, Light Blue, Vibrant Pink, or Vibrant Blue!

2) Cute Rainbow Froggy Seat Addition - The froggy seat will encourage hesitant children to use the toilet with its adorable animal design. Comes in Pink, Blue, or Green.

3) Puppy Floor Potty - This cute toilet sits alone and can be used anywhere in the house, whether next to your regular toilet so you can lead by example on teaching your child how to sit on it. Easy to clean with a removable slot. Comes in Pink or Sea foam Green.

4) Handled Seat Addition - Easily lift this seat top on and off with its handles so adults can use the toilet too. Comes in Pink, Green, or White.

5) Contoured Seat Addition - This comfortable foam insert can be added easily and fits without any extra bits sticking up. Comes in Pink or Green.