Underwater Respirator Professional Diving Equipment


The scuba allows the swimmer to enjoy an unprecedented free breathing under the water. The scuba is an innovative swimming tool that can be used for underwater sports such as swimming, triathlon and diving. Its unique patented technology. And the design makes it fit the curve of the user's head, comfortable to wear, while providing the user with the most adequate oxygen, zero water penetration. The underwater breathing apparatus patented phenomenon air system is unique. Compared with the traditional underwater breathing apparatus, the athlete inhales and exhales through two completely separate snorkels, which means that you can breathe fresh, oxygen. Sufficient air is as natural in the water as on land.

Suitable for swimming pools and calm waters. Suitable for swimmers who don't need to turn around in the water. This model is suitable for swimmers or swim beginners who want to exercise by swimming.

Note: It is better to use with a Goggles.