Training Ball



1.The abilities of quick response, correct actions and distance perceptions can be developed in the training.

2.The ball will move and the elastic rope will be stretched naturally when hitting it.

3.Different force directions will cause different movement trails, it needs the trainer grasp correct actions in the next hitting, which will devolpe the reactivity awareness and speed.

4.A good product not only build our body, but also improve our state of working and learning.

5.Fashionable new training equipment can be used for many sports training, such as boxing,striking,free combat, etc

6.MPROVE YOUR HEALTH - Exercise is good for your body. You build muscles while increasing your stamina. Boxing this reflex ball is a good alternative for a gym. It will influence all muscle groups.Let you enjoy the fun of boxing in your spare time. It can greatly mobilize every muscle in your body and make you energetic in your work and life.

7.While using this fight ball reflex punch exercise, your reaction skills will be improved. Besides, it improves The training response ability, coordination force, visual dynamic training response ability, precision strike.

8.Easy to carry and can be used in different occasions,In the home. In the office. In the open air etc. you can take this boxing training ball with you anywhere, perfectly fit into your pocket or backpack.simply adjust the headband and you're ready for your daily workout!

9.SUITABLE FOR ALL PEOPLE!- Man or woman, teenager or doesn't matter! boxing training ball not only suitable for boxing, other combat sports boxing is ok, but also can used to coordination and reflex ability improve.It/'s an interesting game release the pressure from this moment.

10.Cautions: New learner should slow down hitting speed to avoid the ball rebounding to your face when hitting. When you are training, attention should be focused. once the rebound have the trend to your face, grab the rope can change the direction of the ball.



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