Three-in-one Toothbrush



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Brush your teeth to perfection in 30 seconds! 

Three-in-one Toothbrush is simply the toothbrush of the future! After years of research and development, you have found the ideal toothbrush for all your needs.  

a very effective and fast brushing

Three-in-one Toothbrush technology  removes all bacteria andimpurities from  your upper jaw and teeth . entire? Micro-vibration can be completed in just 30 seconds.   

The filaments are made of silicone and are resistant to gum mixing. 

Antibacterial effect is also one of the important advantages of this toothbrush in the future.  Eliminate all pathogens present in the mouth and get a healthy mouth. 

Three-in-one toothbrush

- Clean your teeth

- Massage gums

- Make your teeth white due to blue light 

This package contains:

1 x Three-in-one Toothbrush

1 charging station 

1 USB charging cable

Long battery life