The Magic Freeze



Are you TIRED of struggling to get ice cubes out of your conventional ice tray? No matter WHAT you do, you either end up dropping a few ice cubes, contaminating the entire tray before use or cracking your tray twisting it back and forth!

Introducing the Magic Freeze ice cube maker! The Magic Freeze provides the perfect solution, the fastest and cleanest way to freeze AND remove ice cubes!

Just FILL, FREEZE and take out with EASE... It's that simple! We all know the pain of filling an ice tray and attempting to get it in the freezer without any spills. Not only are the spills hard to clean up, they cause a major slip hazard for your entire family! This Magic Freeze ice maker makes ice-making a breeze that even children can do it!


  • Made from a soft yet durable silica gel material, you now never have to worry about cracking or breaking your ice maker
  • Avoid the dangerous walk to the fridge as the water-tight seal prevents spills
  •  Odor-locking technology prevents from your ice cubes from smelling and ruining the taste of your drink
  • The Magic Freeze stand can hold three magic freeze makers keeping your fridge organized
  • Unique space-saving shape allows you to store your ice in the small, packed refrigerators
  • Make more than just ice; make popsicles with the integrated stick inserts
  • Soft bottom allows the ice cubes to be popped out of the ice maker with ease

1. Remove the blue silicone insert and fill with water
2. Slide the insert to seal the tube and freeze
3. Pop the bottom of the tube to free the ice and serve!

Ice is just frozen making ice cubes should NOT require so much effort as it does with the conventional ice tray everyone's been using. Allow the Magic Freeze to make your life EASIER. Start to ENJOY your drinks chilled the easy way!

3 x Magic Freeze ice maker
3 x Popsicle Inserts
1 x Ice Maker stand

Material: Silica Gel
Dimensions: 2.5 in x 5.0 in

 MASSIVE SALE: Limited Magic Freezes at 50% OFF!

Collections: KITCHEN

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