Smart Sensor Car Wireless Charger/ Mount--Free Shipping



The #1 top rated Wireless Car Charger and most demanded in the world!

No more ugly and clunky car chargers that barely work anyway.

The new Wireless Car Charger/ Mount is sleek, futuristic looking and charges your device in minutes!

  • 🚓【10W Fast Charging】
  • 🚓【Air Vent Phone Holder Mount】
  • 🚓【Infrared Auto-sensing & Single-handed Operation】
  • 🚓【Indication function--LED SAMIBIENT LAMP】

    What's included?

    • Wireless Charging Automatic Clamp Mount
    • Mount attachment
    • Tape c USB charging cable




    • Easy to fix and charge

    Our holder combines a stable telephone holder with an ultra-modern wireless charger in one smart device. This means that you can charge your phone, use a navigation system and never have to worry about awkward cables in your car.

    • Powerful wireless charging

    Wireless charging is made possible by internal copper coils of the highest quality, so that you can charge quickly and consistently. Experience the power of Qi wireless fast charging to offer you the fastest wireless charge on the market.

    • Automatic detection for easy operation with one hand.

    Just place your phone towards the holder and the built-in infrared sensor will activate the holder to open. Put the phone in the holder and it will close automatically! 
    If you want to take it out again, there is a sensor behind the device to quickly and easily unlock your device. Placing your phone has never been so smooth.

    • Widest possible compatibility

    Designed for almost every phone (between 4 and 6.5 inch screen size), including all major Samsungs, iPhones and Sony devices. This means that you can charge any Qi fast and fast charger wirelessly.

    • Easy to mount on the ventilation grilles

    The strong ventilation opening keeps your phone safe. It can be mounted in almost any car, is easier to reach and offers less attention while driving. Adjust it within seconds with our foolproof secure clips.

    • Take care of your phone

    The strong grip of the holder means that you never have to worry about your phone falling out. Anti-scratch and anti-slip materials keep your phone safe and protected. We have built-in overvoltage protection, overheat protection and short-circuit protection, so that you can be confident that your phone is protected even during the longest distance you travel.

    • The safest container on the market

    Of course, the use of your telephone in a car always entails safety risks. Our holder keeps you safe by ensuring that you have the least distraction, never having to worry that your phone will fall and that you can use it with only one hand. This gives you the freedom to keep your focus on the road.

    • Perfect viewing angles

    The holder has a carefully integrated 360-degree hinge, allowing full flexibility over the horizontal and vertical rotation. This means that you can create a comfortable viewing angle for every driver.

    • Elegant chrome finish

    Nothing shines elegance and refinement like the glossy chrome finish of our holder, complete with automatic sensor technology. You can show your class and sophistication with this practical and stylish gadget.

    So do not keep using the same old chargers and car holders. Experience beauty in technology with our automated car charger and holder.

      The modern driving solution for the modern car is coming. Experience the new era of car holders, with which you can place your phone with one hand, remove extra cables and allow your phone to charge wirelessly when needed.