Car Paint Care Liquid Glass Paint Protective Foil High-end Spray Car Body Protector for Automotive car-styling


Product Name: Painted car paint coating
Product capacity: 250ml,500ml
Usage method: After washing the car, spray an appropriate amount of liquid glass paint care on the surface of car paint, then wipe them clean with paint care special towel, which is simple with no danger.
Product Features:
After construction, a strong hydrophobic self-cleaning protective film is formed on the lacquer surface. The long-term use can keep the lacquer paint to maintain the original bright color. Acid rain, iron powder, gum, worms and the like are difficult to adhere to the car paint, forming a lotus leaf-like water-flipping effect. The water pumping effect is particularly outstanding.
Shake evenly before use, directly spray the product on the paint surface (can be operated with water).
No need to wait for the paint to dry completely. Immediately flip it over with a clean towel and wipe it to light.
1. The original liquid after unsealing is recommended to be used once, and the unused stock solution should be sealed at room temperature.
2. It must be carried out in strict accordance with the required steps as indicated in the instructions.
3. Can not be mixed with other similar products to avoid the decline of product efficacy.



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