No Wet Super Nano Hydrophobic Spray


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Keep everything dry with No Wet!


No Wet Super Nano Hydrophobic Liquid Repellent is made up of special polymers.

It is designed to create a liquid repelling coating on a variety of surfaces such as fabric, leather, paint, glass, metal, wood, aluminum, PVC, concrete, masonry, fiberglass, paper etc.


Some of No Wet's benefits:

- super hydrophobic

- can be applied to most surfaces

- breathable

- doesn't stain

- easy to apply

- quick drying and long lasting



No wet is not just water repellent. Not even just hydrophobic.

It is Superhydrophobic!

Using nano-technology to create an effective and lasting water repelling surface.


See the science behind Super hydrophobic Nano-Technology here:


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