Artistic Kit of Embroidery Pens


The Artistic Embroidery Pens Kit was designed to make the embroidery process more efficient, a hobby that helps release tensions from work and life. A beautiful work can be drawn with the Artistic Kit of Embroidery Pens.

This embroidery pen has an ergonomic touch, easy to hold by anyone with loose hands, this product is made of ABS plastic, providing a comfortable grip and decreasing numbness of fingers during the process.

DIFFERENT SIZES - 3 different sizes of needle, P / M / G, you can do various beautiful and delicate work. You can write texts, draw flower arrangements and more.

EASY TO USE - Dotted strokes, ties, setim stitch and so many others! This set of pens for embroidery needles will do everything it takes to complete any design, sewing as fast as if you were making a design.

Needle pens are an easy and innovative way to create that can be used on almost any type of fabric.

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