Electric Stimulation Pads with Pulse Slippers


Foot pain can occur to anyone. Whether it’s a sudden, sharp pain while walking, pain from being on your feet all day, an injury, post-surgical pain, or a result of plantar fasciitis, the pain on your foot can be unbearable! Some prefer TENS devices from professionals to relieve pain, but others don't have the time and money to spend.

The Electric Stimulation Pads w/ Pulse Slippers is a portable device that is specifically designed to relieve pain, without the hassle. It emits a pain-relieving electronic impulse that gives off a relaxing feeling and beats the pain signals through to the brain.

These Pulsating Relief Slippers do not only work for the feet but, thanks to the detachable pads included, for the back, shoulders, and thighs as well!

Stimulates acupressure points
Helps improve blood circulation
Back pain relief

Quantity: 1 TENS device, 1 Pair of Slippers, 8 electronic pads
Voltage: DC 3v
Working Time: 30mins
Color: White device, Black Slippers