Children Wheel Heel Roller Light Adjustable Skates



100% brand new and high quality
Automatic permanent light
Safe, reliable, easy to learn
Easy to carry, adjustable size

How to use:
1. Loosen the screws on the shoe frame with a screwdriver;
2. Hold both ends of the wheel with both hands to pull it open;
3. put the shoes up, card at the heel;
4. Hold both ends with both hands to tighten the wheel inward (the shoes and pulleys to match closely);
5. After adjusting the width, remove the shoes and tighten the screws;
6. Put the foot up, the elastic buckle, to prevent loosening.  

Color:Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange
Quantity: 1 pair

  1. Radiant and full of life. The product is powered by a small generator of the wheel itself, which guarantees automatic permanent illumination without batteries. When sliding, the wheels can show the magical light of the hot wheels, let the players suddenly shine, and easily show what kind of charm in "Journey to the West";
  2. Safe, reliable and easy to learn. For beginners, as long as the two feet are separated, they will not lose their center of gravity. When the body loses balance, the toes can be lowered and placed on the brakes for walking, which is very safe. Make you want to go and leave, you want to slip;
  3. Easy to carry and adjustable in size. The small size of the product overcomes the inconvenience of being inconvenient to carry and the trouble of wearing the roller skates. Just put a card on your own feet and the ordinary shoes immediately become skates. The shoe rack has a telescopic function, which can be adjusted at will. Adults and children can share a pair of shoes, suitable for different age groups of children;
   4. A wide variety and a variety of ways to play. There are black, blue, red, yellow and other products of different colors and grades. The market price ranges from 85-158 yuan, and the shop is less than half of them.) In the taxiing, you can complete any action that the roller skates can complete. Such as the original rotation, back slip, body, side slip, S slip, etc., can also play more tricks in combination with street dance;
  5. Keep fit and good for your body and mind. It helps to reduce the upper part of the thigh, promote bone development, enhance the body's balance and coordination ability; cultivate the courage and self-confidence of the young; the students' movement during the class also helps to relax the brain, relieve stress, and benefit the body and mind. health!





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