Baby Head Protection Pad


šŸ‘¶A cute safety accessory for tiny tots!šŸ¼

Adventurous little tykes are curious about anything and everything, and that could lead to accidents. Grab theĀ Baby Head Protection PadĀ to give them some protection. A delightful safety accessory, itā€™llĀ keep your childā€™s head and back safe from harm or injury.

Built like a stuffed toy, it has a ring-shaped safety cushion thatĀ protects the head from bumping against hard surfaces and softens impacts. The backpack is madeĀ soft, lightweight materialsĀ with anĀ adjustable fitĀ to ensure it doesnā€™t irritate or strain your child. Available inĀ various animal styles, thereā€™s sure to be one thatā€™ll delight your child with itsĀ charming design.

  • Safety Cushion
    A soft yet firm ring-shaped cushion safely protects your childā€™s head from bumping against hard surfaces and softens any impacts.

  • Soft Build
    Just like a stuffed toy, itā€™s made from soft, comfortable materials that wonā€™t harm or irritate your child.

  • Lightweight Backpack
    Itā€™s designed to be lightweight, making it easy for children to carry without straining their bodies.

  • Charming Design
    Doubling as a charming accessory, its cute appearance is sure to delight your child and anyone they meet.

  • Various Styles
    Itā€™s available in different cute animal styles, offering several delightful options to choose from.

  • Adjustable Fit
    Stretchy straps and adjustable buckles ensure a secure fit for any child.

  • Style: Bee/ Pig/ Racoon/ Giraffe/ Unicorn/ Monkey/ Rabbit
  • Material: Premium Flannel, Mesh
  • Size: 34 cm x 22 cm


  • 1 x Baby Head ProtectionĀ Pad

Collections: Mother & Kids

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