Auto Spinning Hula-Hoop Trainer


Sculpt Your Abs With The Never Stopping Hoop!

Lets you train your abs and waistline without manually spinning! With the magnetic ball, the centrifugal force auto-spins the hula hoop with little effort, but all the same results!

Adjust for any waist size! It applies 360° pressure to effectively train your abs and trim your waistline!


  • Auto-Spinning. Effortlessly spin the AbSpin with our magnetic ball doing all the work. Save time and energy during your workout!

  • Built-In Counter. Track every spin, and time of your workout, so you can continue to improve.

  • Completely Adjustable. Our detachable link hoop lets you adjust the AbSpin to any waist size!

  • 360° Pressure. Train your abs and waist effectively as the AbSpin applies pressure to your abs, love handles, and lower back!

  • Easy To Use. throw the ball and slightly spin. The ball will take over and do most of the work while you enjoy your workout!
    UPDATE: Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!

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