[BERSERK Vol.39]Does Casca’s heart return?


The long-awaited BERSERK Vol.39 released in Japan in June, 2016.
I was really looking forward to it!
Because the holidays continued, It did not go ahead at all.
I thought I’d end like that haha.
The main point of this volume is whether Casca’s heart returns!
I’m wondering what kind of expansion is waiting for Fairy Island where Guts stopped by!


Spoiler alert!
From here I will write my impression of reading the story.

Battle with fire doll

Arriving at Fairy Island, Guts encounters various enemies.

“Quoted from page 14 of BERSERK Vol.39”

Enemies were scarecrow manipulated by the magic of the fairies.
However, the guts also kill one after another with magical tools.
Isidro is able to fight well and it is dependable!

“Quoted from page 16 of BERSERK Vol.39”

The strength of Guts is as usual haha.
I can not worry about such a weak enemy if he is there!

However, it was not so weak enemies.

“Quoted from page 25 of BERSERK Vol.39”

“That is Wicker Man!”
A scarecrow of a huge fire filled with people ‘s ghost appeared.

“Quoted from page 26 of BERSERK Vol.39”

And it was a witch to manipulate it.
She is flying in the sky, it feels like a witch!
And the witches look wonderful cute haha.
Guts struggle with the attacks that come from large bodies.

“Quoted from page 35 of BERSERK Vol.39”

But Guts did a perfect defeat!

Arrived in the witch’s village

After overcoming various difficulties, Guts finally arrive at the fairy village.

“Quoted from page 49 of BERSERK Vol.39”

I’m happy that they finally arrived, but I feel lonely when thinking that the journey might end with this.
But I want Casca to go back like old days!
We can expect from this village because there are many magicians.

“Quoted from page 52 of BERSERK Vol.39”

There are many magicians like Schierke!
I’m excited because I like Schierke haha.
In the world of Berserk, magic is becoming obvious.

Face to fairy king

“Quoted from page 96 of BERSERK Vol.39”

In the depths of the forest Guts finally meet the fairy king!
Was the fairy king’s identity really a pack?
It is a usual pack joke haha.
The pack’s joke will make Berserk read fun.

“Quoted from page 99 of BERSERK Vol.39”

Apart from the fairy king properly, it was a figure that Da Nang met on the way was transformed.
From the appearance it seems to have considerable power!
In that way it must have a way to regain Caska’s heart.

“Quoted from page 108 of BERSERK Vol.39”

In response to the question of Guts “Can you regain the heart of Casca?”, Danang answered that it is possible to use “a dream corridor”.
That means that you collect the pieces of broken heart in Casca’s dream.
Schierke and Farnese, who had trained magic, went to Caska’s dream.

Adventure in Caska’s dream

“Quoted from page 126 of BERSERK Vol.39”

An adventure in a very rough heart began.
It seems that the world that the black sun is shining represents the affair of that painful day.
I think that Casca wandering in such a dark dream is painful …

“Quoted from page 130 of BERSERK Vol.39”

Then they caught a scratched dog.
Actually, this dog was in the form of Guts in Casca’s dream.
Guts that did not enter the dream directly existed in the image of Casca.

“Quoted from page 138 of BERSERK Vol.39”

What the guards of the dog are coffins with dolls.
Guts protected Casca even in her dream.
It seems like this is the state of Casca’s heart.
I thought that it was pretty spicy to be so ragged …

Collection of fragments of memory

A journey of collecting the ragged hearts of Casca began.

“Quoted from page 149 of BERSERK Vol.39”

Guts waiting in the real world only had to believe.
Gats, which is thought to be an enemy to Casca, was not allowed to go in a dream.
He always worked harder than anyone to protect Casca, so it would be painful to not do anything …

“Quoted from page 164 of BERSERK Vol.39”

Around that time, in the dream, a number of enemies had stuck Schierke.
She managed to beat it by the increased magical power in the dream.
Still Caisca ‘s dream enemy is very powerful.

“Quoted from page 171 of BERSERK Vol.39”

And They collect the pieces of scattered dreams.
Among them was Griffith’s dream.
It’s a nostalgic scene when Casca met Griffith.
It seems that the presence of Griffith is big for Casca.

“Quoted from page 187 of BERSERK Vol.39”

The journey is tough as long as they do not know how long it has passed.
And the journey that collects the heart of Casca continues.


Thank you for reading so far!
That is the contents of  BERSERK Vol.39 and my impression.

This time It got closer to the goal of regaining Casca’s heart.
Unfortunately they could not regain it yet, but I think the next volume seems to be able to regain it!
But it was quite painful and she closed her mind, so is there any problem remembering that?
But at that time surely Guts will protect her, so there is no problem!
There are many other people besides Guts now.
I hope that Casca’s heart will come back and she will be able to get back to the Guts again.

This time it was very important contents to regain the heart of Casca, so please buy it and see it all!

See you next time!

English edition
Release in July 24, 2018