[Attack on Titan Vol.26]Will that leading character die?


The long-awaited Attack on Titan Vol.26 released in Japan in August, 2018.
I was really looking forward to it!

It was in the middle of a fierce battle of the giants!
After all it is fun that the battle of the thrilling point is reading Attack on Titan.


Spoiler alert!
From here I will write my impression of reading the story.

Battle of the Giants

“Quoted from page 8 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

The story starts from the battle of fierce giants.
Of course there was Ellen as well.
Falco was unable to understand the situation.
And He realized that He was deceived by the giant Ellen and got angry.

“Quoted from page 14 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

“I am sorry, because of me. . .”
He apologize to Liner, but Liner did not wake up.
But Liner was alive!
It surely will be useful like it used to be.

“Quoted from page 22 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

Ellen of the giant tried to eat a giant of a mallet.
However, the crystal was hard, and Ellen’s teeth had gone.
Apparently this crystal seems to be made of special materials.

“Quoted from page 34 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

Suddenly there was an explosion at the harbor.
What on earth happened?
Many things happen one after another and it is exciting!

“Quoted from page 40 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

The beast giant who was quite rampant is easily knocked down by a single person.
That’s Rivai.
Is he really a human who knocks down the giant easily?
His success is always cool!

The emergence of ultra large giants

“Quoted from page 54 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

It was a super large giant who appeared with the explosion of the port.
Actually, the identity of this giant is Armin!
“This is the scenery you saw. . .”
Armin, who became a giant, turn feelings against Bertolt.

“Quoted from page 64 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

Meanwhile, the battle of the giants still continued.
Ellen who is further transformed from the skewered state is active.
It is not unusual for him to change his transformation so many times!

“Quoted from page 68 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

The chin giant versus the other is too strong and strong.
But Ellen prevents that attack with the crystal.
And Ellen was scratched by the quartz which was not scratched at all.
Apparently it seems necessary to have special power to destroy the crystal.

“Quoted from page 80 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

Ellen finally succeeds in destroying the crystal, but the method is quite cruel!
He forced his friends to break it.
Ellen thus succeeded in eating the hammer giant.
And He also try to eat chin giants…

“Quoted from page 89 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

The one that appeared there was the liner that had been sleeping till then.
“It will not let me die …”
Did you get tired of fighting?
What a liner wanted to die.
It seems that the figure is incomplete rather than the usual armor giant.
His strength was not always fight at all, and Ellen was stung by a stroke.

Withdraw from battle

“Quoted from page 97 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

However, Ellen has repeatedly transformed Ellen and is not in a state to fight anymore.
And he try to escape with our friends.

“Quoted from page 101 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

It was Almin and Levai who were waiting for him by airship.
“I will detain you.”
Ellen caught suddenly coming back from the battle.
Again the relationship between those two people is still bad.

“Quoted from page 115 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

Meanwhile, Gabi is still fighting with anger at the battlefield.
She definitely defeat the enemy with a gun.
“It is still connected …”
She decided after watching the string extending from the airship.

“Quoted from page 120 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

And follow along with Ellen with Falco.
Falco has a promise with a liner to protect the gobi.
Also, there seems to be a feeling that He wants to become a giant of armor which Gubi will be planned.

“Quoted from page 124 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

The airship people do not think that the enemies are invading indeed.
Sasha suddenly got shot by a gun.
It is a very dying way of death …
It is sad that characters familiar from long ago will die like this.
It was amazing to kill Sasha, but it caught soon afterwards.

“Quoted from page 134 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

What Gabi saw at the place where you were taken was Sieg that should have died.
“Gabi, Falco, why are you here?”
They were surprised that they met each other.
Everything was as planned as Sieg, which seems to have been a miscalculation.

“Quoted from page 149 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

From here it’s about three years ago.
Eleen puts the Mare army who came to the investigation on board each ship.
And Hanji insists on friendship.
However, the Male army called them demons and did not accept the story.

“Quoted from page 152 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

At that moment, they started shooting their fellows.
A person called Jelena captured his army.
And He will propose to discuss themselves.
I supposedly would have thought that he would be hit by a friend.

“Quoted from page 156 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

Male ‘s army was actually a very powerful corps.
The reason why the corps did not attack, one thing that a solid giant was a threat.
The second one is because the Allied Powers became a war.

“Quoted from page 161 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

“We are prostitutes who oppose Male.”
They talked about their identities.
They regard the giant as a god.
And the biggest objective is the liberation of the Elite people!

Conference on Sieg’s request

Sieg’s request was two.
One is to accept Paradis Island.
The other was to make his elder brother Ellen meet.

“Quoted from page 165 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

It seems that these two things are necessary to save the world.
It is important that the founder giant and the royal giant combine.

“Quoted from page 167 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

That seems to be the only way that Sirk’s elucidated Eldians can be saved.
It is surprising that thousands of giants are on the wall.
I do not know what the ground sounding technique is, but it sounds great!

“Quoted from page 186 of Attack on Titan Vol.26”

For Ellen who is thinking of only fighting, Armin was thinking of a peaceful solution.
If you take time to understand each other.
Ellen and Armin are friends, but the idea is completely opposite.
That bothers Armin very much …

“Ani · · · Answer something …”
Talking to immovable animation so, the story ends.
Will the day when Ani come back come?


Thank you for reading so far!
That is the contents of  Vol. and my impression.

Despite intense fighting, it was a story to see the beauty that people thought!
It is strange that Ellen will no longer be an enemy.
I think that a peaceful solution like Armin is also good.
What do you think?

I’m looking forward to see what Ellen will do in the future!
And I want you to unravel the mystery of the giant steadily.
After all it is fun to read the Attack on Titan whenever you read, so please read everyone!

See you next time!

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