[ONE PIECE Vol.89]What is the result of a battle against a strong enemy “Katakuri”?


The long-awaited ONE PIECE Vol.89 released in Japan in June, 2018.
I was really looking forward to it!
Because I was concerned about the result of the battle against the undefeated enemy “Katakuri”.
Everyone is so right, is not it?
The best sight of this volume is, again, a battle with “Katakuri”.
The vigor of that battle is also transmitted from the cover!


Spoiler alert!
From here I will write my impression of reading the story.

Rampaging Big Mom

The story begins from the point where Big Mum attacks a pirate ship of the Mugiwara.

“Quoted from page 15 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

Her stomach makes her look like a monster only…
The ship is going to be destroyed steadily with amazing power!
It was a scary scene for me who is not good at horror lol.

It is this guy who stood up to this Big Mum.

“Quoted from page 18 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

Yes, it’s Jinbei.
It is a man exactly what he is obliged to his enemy!
There are not many people who are as rugged as he is in Japan lol.
But the power of Big Mam is powerful and can not be beaten after all.
Ultimately, stop with a brilliant cooperative play, but what method is secret!

Battle of Luffy and Katakuri

The story changes, from here it is a battle between Luffy and Katakuri.

“Quoted from page 38 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

Luffy is not defeated by any enemies, but there is nothing to do against the attack that can be read.
Does Luffy who will read attacks have the winnings?

“Quoted from page 43 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

“But, I surely emerge from the mirror.”
Luffy, who believes in the company and believed, faces the enemy with a strong will.
This belief is the strong point of Luffy!

“Quoted from page 93 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

Luffy recalls training with Rayleigh and starts countering back!
Luffy growing in battle is fluffy.
I do not know yet which one will win.

“Quoted from page 105 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

And further evolve to defeat Katakuri.
It looks very strong and looks cool!
The strength of this form can not be said in a single word, so please look at it actually!

Farewell of Sanji and Pudding

Meanwhile, in the real world you can see lonesome interactions between Sanji and Pudding.

“Quoted from page 126 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

“I’m happy that the fiance was Pudding.”
It’s a pudding that only takes a cold attitude, but she really like Sanji in earnest.
Tears are coming out from the eyes of the head too lol.

“Quoted from page 126 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

“At last there is a favor to ask…”
Pudding that is not honest is saying hard.
Actually, this continuation is not drawn.
It is very worrisome, but to imagine it is to leave it alone!
I guess my expectation is still a kiss lol.

Battle settlement

And it is finally the settlement of the battle of Luffy and Katakuri!

“Quoted from page 127 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

Luffy who became gear 4 and got the tips to read the attack fight equally with Katakuri.
It will be Luffy’s pace now!
The figure that stands up even if he fall down is really cool.

“Quoted from page 136 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

Finally he succeed in beating down perfectly!
After all Luffy is a man who will be the king of the pirates, so we will not betray everyone’s expectations.
I expect that he will beat the next enemy definitely!

Escape from Cacao Island

Luffy aims to escape from the mirror world and escape from the island of Cacao, but many more enemies await.

“Quoted from page 145 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

Can Luffy safely escape from the island of Cacao?
Luffy, exhausted from battle with Katakuri, aims to escape while helping his friends.
And this is an emergence of this encouraging man!

“Quoted from page 150 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

Yes, it is Sanji that believe and waited forever!
There is nothing scary anymore if Sanji is there lol.
And Luffy who got into the Merry ship aims to escape.

“Quoted from page 183 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

“Luffy! I’m glad you are fine!”
It seems that everyone was worried about Luffy.
And it seemed that everything would go well…

“Quoted from page 209 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

Big mum filled with stomach with a cake sings an eerie song…
We must not forget the best enemy.
Big Mam stands in front of Luffy’s and attacks the Mary ship.

“Quoted from page 212 of ONE PIECE Vol.89”

“Thank you for the meal.”
And at the end it will end in an eerie atmosphere…
Is the flag of Luffy sinking in the sea?
Have Luffy got killed?

This volume is over, leaving many mysteries.


Thank you for reading so far!
That is the contents of ONE PIECE Vol.89 and my impression.
It may not be well transmitted in my poor English lol.
The main point of this volume was the battle between Luffy and Katakuri as well.
The battle scene was really cool, so please buy it and see it all!
It is also recommended that you buy a Japanese edition and read it.
I will tell you if you do not understand Japanese lol.

See you next time!

English edition
Release in February 5, 2019
One Piece, Vol. 89

Japanese edition
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ONE PIECE Vol.89 [Japanese Edition]