[BERSERK Vol.40]Finally Casca is in the way?


The long-awaited BERSERK Vol.40 released in Japan in September, 2018.
I was really looking forward to it!
I was wondering when Casca’s heart would return.
After all she lost her memory and it is miserable as it is.
I want her to return to the beginning soon and have fun with Guts again!
Does this volume finally return to the original?
I will be reading excitingly!


Spoiler alert!
From here I will write my impression of reading the story.

The adventure the enemy awaits continues

“Quoted from page 15 of BERSERK Vol.40”

“It’s horrible …”
The adventure in the dark Casca dream continues.
It is not easy to achieve yet.
But their magical level is also rising and steadily progressing.

“Quoted from page 20 of BERSERK Vol.40”

What appeared there was a terrible demon.
Its shape is just like a genitals …
It is the root that suffers from Casca.
It is irresistible if such a dream comes out haha.

“Quoted from page 28 of BERSERK Vol.40”

“It’s at the foot of the mountain if we leave here. Good luck!”
Although the opponent is only a strong enemy, their mind are also strong, they are defeated.

“Quoted from page 31 of BERSERK Vol.40”

There were some interesting things in the attacks of Farnese!
Everything is in the dream.
Thinking about it, my dream is the same haha.
Thus Farnese and Schierke overcame the difficulties.

Reached the last piece of heart

The fragments of the remaining heart also became one.
But there was a more powerful enemy waiting there.

“Quoted from page 42 of BERSERK Vol.40”

“The strongest existence in this dream …”
That looks exactly like Griffith.
It is missing that Griffith who was a friend in the past only now appears as an enemy now.

“Quoted from page 57 of BERSERK Vol.40”

And to counter it, guts which were dogs also transform.
It appears in Gut ‘s heart.
I feel a bit scary, but it’s cool too!
Griffith opponent would be equal if this power of men!

Battle of destiny in a dream

“Quoted from page 66 of BERSERK Vol.40”

And the battle begins.
Griffith with absolute power is still strong but guts are not defeated.

“Quoted from page 68 of BERSERK Vol.40”

Guts attack by attacking shells from the mouth.
And from the collapsed body I could see the eyes.
As I thought, this eye is definitely Griffith!
It is powerful but has a slightly sad eye.

Meanwhile, the Schierke also continues fierce fight.
It seemed that there was no more way remaining on the enemy approaching …

“Quoted from page 73 of BERSERK Vol.40”

The Schierkes’ hat changed, and a magician as a master of Schierke appeared.
A powerful ally appears, this is encouraging!
Due to the magician’s fire, all the demons were knocked down.

Finally Casca wakes up

And Farnese and Schierke arrived at the last piece.

“Quoted from page 79 of BERSERK Vol.40”

It had a form that I had seen.
It is also thought to be a baby of Casca.
It is not different from the real world, it has a figure which can not be thought of as a person.

In addition, this last piece contains evil.
Farnese wonder whether it is okay to put this fragile fragments in the body …

“Quoted from page 92 of BERSERK Vol.40”

But they have no time to get lost.
Griffith ‘s mighty power comes closer to them!
But Guts desperately stops Griffith.
Power is almost equal.

“This time I will blow your darkness away.”
In order to end this nightmare, Farnese decided to settle the last piece.
I think it was a rather difficult decision.
It is wonderful to have a colleague consciousness to overcome what is difficult for the future together!

“Quoted from page 98 of BERSERK Vol.40”

Imperceptibly the doll was in the form of Casca.
The face is not different from the real world Casca!
And began to beat quietly.

“Quoted from page 105 of BERSERK Vol.40”

Awakening from a long nightmare, Casca finally woke up.
At last it is a feeling that this time has arrived!
I definitely believed that the day will come back to someday.
Afterwards she only meet with her beloved Guts!

Reunion with Guts

“Quoted from page 108 of BERSERK Vol.40”

“Nice to meet you, Farnese, Schierke, Ibarrera.”
Caska who regained full sanity greeted them.
They are surprised that she can talk.
Her face has changed at all!
After all Casca should looks like strong.

“Quoted from page 114 of BERSERK Vol.40”

In order to see Guts King Fairy gave a beautiful dress.
I saw Casca ‘s skirt in herself for the first time!
Her hair also grows unlike in the past, and it is beautifully set!
It is worthy of awakening the heroine.

“Quoted from page 122 of BERSERK Vol.40”

Casca has not forgotten about her days as an ale.
“There are people who want to meet …”
Gatts finally appeared before Casca thinking so.
How many years have passed?
It probably was long for Guts.

“Quoted from page 1128 of BERSERK Vol.40”

I think that it will be a reunion of excitement · · ·
And Casca also remembered her hard memories.
This continuation has not been drawn yet.
I am wondering what will happen in the future!

Griffith steadily approaches dreams

“Quoted from page 135 of BERSERK Vol.40”

Griffith, on the other hand, was focused on fighting the giants.
I do not know the purpose of the battle, but surely for the realization of his dream.
But these giants are not their enemies.
Besides Griffith there are many powerful colleagues!

“Quoted from page 152 of BERSERK Vol.40”

The giant ‘s boss turned into a big snake.
There are various demons in the world where Griffith changed.
It is hard for ordinary people to survive!
A powerful companion of Griffith such as Zod is overwhelming.

“Quoted from page 154 of BERSERK Vol.40”

And the last is Griffith.
Although it is just a sword, it is surely amazingly powerful.
The future that Griffith loses can not be seen at all!

“Quoted from page 165 of BERSERK Vol.40”

It seems that Griffiths have found something after beating the giants.
“It is a touchstone for problem solving.”
I do not know what that means, but how does touchstone help?

“Quoted from page 171 of BERSERK Vol.40”

“It runs through the world twin tree branches.”
Sonja seems to know everything.
The power she has is still a lot of mystery!
Using this mysterious path, Griffiths came home to the city in an instant.


Thank you for reading so far!
That is the contents of  BERSERK Vol.40 and my impression.

The point of this volume is that Casca returned to its original!
This is probably what everyone wanted.
Of course I am also very happy.
However, she remembered even a bad memory, I do not know what to do yet …
I hope that she can get along with Guts in the next volume!

See you next time!

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Berserk Vol. 39

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