[Aho-Girl Vol.10]Yoshiko gets stormy on a school trip!


The long-awaited Aho-Girl Vol.10 released in Japan in October, 2017.
I was really looking forward to it!
Aho-Girl gags are always funny.
Especially I like Yoshiko!
I hope that this volume will make me laugh haha.


Spoiler alert!
From here I will write my impression of reading the story.

School trip planning

The main content of this volume is about school trip.
Is there a school tripto a foreign country too??
As I thought, my school tripis full of memories that I enjoyed.

“Quoted from page 5 of Aho-Girl Vol.10”

“Where are we going?”
“It is Okinawa.”
Yoshiko is going to Okinawa on a school trip.
But Yoshiko does not seem to know the location of Okinawa.
Because Okinawa is famous, does everyone know?
It is the prefecture in the south of Japan!

“Quoted from page 10 of Aho-Girl Vol.10”

Akuru thought that it does not want to go, but Akuru decided to go without help.
“Have six people make a group!”
In a Japanese school trip, act in a group decided on free time.

“Quoted from page 11 of Aho-Girl Vol.10”

Yoshiko invited her classmate Akane.
However, Akane does not like this very much because I do not like it.
But I can only see friends haha.
Eventually these two people were in the same group.

“Quoted from page 20 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

The next day, They will start planning trip.
Akane had already made plans to not ruin the trip.
Where she is going to enjoy traveling is cute haha.

“Quoted from page 21 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

However, the plan will be stupid by Yoshiko.

“Quoted from page 22 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

Yoshiko was thinking about a perfect plan!
“Garuko’s plan is boring ….”
I do not know if this time Yoshiko is a genius or a stupid haha.
Yoshiko has a plan to eat her favorite banana!

“Quoted from page 27 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

It was Akane desperately resisting, but eventually she was not satisfied with her plan.

“Quoted from page 29 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

And they both made a perfect plan.
They are really good friends haha.
Unfortunately, it was fun but plans that were impossible were rejected by the school…

Leave for a school trip

And Yoshiko will depart for a school trip.

“Quoted from page 42 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

It was a desire to take a dog, but he made a prompt decision to see a poor dog.
It is funny as usual that he is weak against dogs haha.
Besides, it is interesting that the name of a dog is a dog.

“Quoted from page 45 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

They can not put a dog on an airplane, so they will try hard and hide it.
However, I understand that dogs are in the baggage!
Besides, Yoshiko easily revealed the contents when heard the contents of the luggage haha.

“Quoted from page 53 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

Eventually the teacher told that it was a dog, and the people who are coming will give up taking a dog.
The dog “Treasure yourself” is too gentle!
Actually I am not good at dogs, but this dog seems to like it.

“Quoted from page 55 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

But this dog is not a usual one, so he cling to an airplane!
This is because he wanted to go to Okinawa with Yoshiko.
It is impossible for a human being to be caught by an airplane!
I am glad that the dogs also arrived safely in Okinawa.

Arrived in Okinawa!

That’s why they arrived in Okinawa.

“Quoted from page 77 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

The ocean is very beautiful in Okinawa.
“Let’s swim now!”
Yoshiko ignores group behavior and tries to swim.
I know the feeling that I want to swim when I get to the sea!

“Quoted from page 80 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

And Yoshiko who entered the sea tries to eat fish.
Her friend is surprised because it is a beautiful tropical fish.
Are tropical fish taste different from ordinary fish?
Either way there is resistance to eating tropical fish for ornamental haha.

“Quoted from page 83 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

“That is to live!”
Yoshiko said to friends who said that eating cute fish is poor.
Certainly, to eat something must be killed. . .
Yoshiko taught me important things in my life.
Yoshiko just seems to just want to eat fish haha.

Night on a school trip

I am excited about the night of traveling, are not you?
Especially school trips are falling in love with classmates and full of fun events!

“Quoted from page 89 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

“Sometimes it is not bad to study English in such a place …”
Meanwhile, Akle studied alone.
Akuru is passionate about studying until coming to the trip.

“Quoted from page 90 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

However, two people who aimed at Akle will get in the way.
Two people who want to get along with Akle using school trips will fight.
This made it impossible for Akle to study quietly.
And he will escape to a certain place.

“Quoted from page 97 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

“Can I sleep here?”
What made Akle escape was a classmate’s Sayaka room.
Akur who is just studying has no boyfriend.
However, it seems quite problematic to go to a girl’s room!

“Quoted from page 100 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

“Okay, that’s OK.”
And Akle was able to sleep quietly.
Although it does not do anything, it is enviable that I can sleep in a girls room!

Enjoy free time!

Fun on school excursions is free time.
This can enjoy a trip with a small group of people.

“Quoted from page 108 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

Yoshiko who made a detailed plan for this time is excited.
“It is important to act perfectly on time!”
But the two who were fighting with Akul are not sleeping at all.
And it seems that Akane is too much fun and not sleeping haha.

“Quoted from page 112 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

They were going to spend a careful schedule, but Yoshiko is crazy about touching starfish.
Akane is anxious about time.
“I will not be able to turn all around!”
I think that traveling is difficult to proceed as planned.
It is wonderful because there is something she can enjoy as much!

“Quoted from page 118 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

Yoshiko says to Akane who insists on keeping time.
“It is aimed at achieving a plan rather than enjoyment!”
It is noticed that Akane loses sight of its original purpose…
Yoshiko does not think about anything, but what you say is always right!

“Quoted from page 122 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

In the end they stopped plenty plan and spent relaxed time.
“It was super high…”
It is important to plan a trip, but enjoying is even more important!

Buy souvenirs!

To do at the end of the trip is to buy souvenirs.
It is fun just to buy it for someone or buy it for yourself.

“Quoted from page 135 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

“I will buy souvenirs!”
Yoshiko is also excited about buying souvenirs.
It seems like she want something that will remain good memories.

“Quoted from page 137 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

And Yoshiko proposes this to everyone.
“Let’s buy a matching souvenir with everyone!”
The matching souvenirs are remembered very memorable.
But Akane looks a bit embarrassed haha.

“Quoted from page 141 of Aho-Girl Vol.10″

Yoshiko has chosen a banana for food, but it is rejected by Akane.
And it is the key chains of banana that she found.
It is Yoshiko’s favorite choice that bananas love.
Akane was not enthusiastic about that, but they decided to defeat Yoshiko ‘s enthusiasm!
Whatever it is, it will be a good memory!


Thank you for reading so far!
That is the contents of  Aho-Girl Vol.10 and my impression.

This volume was also fun filled with a lot of gags!
It’s interesting when Yoshiko’s momentum is seen.
And it was good that the content was school trip.
My school trip is 10 years ago, so I miss it very much haha.
It will be a lot of fun if you can spend time with fun companions like Yoshiko!
I am looking forward to laughing a lot of me even in the next volume!

See you next time!

English edition
Release in December 18, 2018
Aho-Girl Vol. 10